Rata spotlight turns to hyperlocal this weekend


The second summer season at the Royal Arts Town Amphitheatre in Riebeek Kasteel is well underway. But there is still quite a line-up ahead.

This Saturday sees the production The Significance of Rainbows starring Mana (Mariana Del Carmen) directed by Kayla Grové.
Theatre director Mark Graham-Wilson describes Del Carmen and Grové as “two extraordinary young local talents”.

Mana is the musician alias of Del Carmen who was raised in Riebeek Kasteel and returns on Saturday 22 January at 20:00 for one performance only.
For The Significance of Rainbows Del Carmen will be accompanied by producer Fu Dog, jazz guitarist Kagiso Noah, dancer Gita Galina and bass clarinetist Paulo Costa.
“Directed by Grové, the piece explores themes of self-reflection and refraction from Mana‘s upcoming debut album of the same name.
“Not only music, nor simply theatre, expect a marinade of microbiological imagery, theatrical themes and intimate songs to dream to.

“… An incredible sonic and visual journey, Mana creates a truly ethereal experience for her audience.
“… An enchanting, intimate and creatively inspiring experience.
“… Mana integrates aspects of acting, music and theatre with her mesmerising voice. The art direction and unravelling of the show from beginning to end is beautiful.”
Book at www.artstown.co.za/events or call 082 851 1262 / 082 570 3083.

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