New stone art project launched

A new art project, the Stone Circle Project, was recently launched in the Riebeek Valley under the umbrella of Arts Town Riebeek Valley.
It was conceptualized by artist Emma Willemse and consists of two components which will be installed at the site of the Royal Arts Town Amphitheatre in Riebeek Kasteel.

Willemse says the two components are a community project called the Amphi Circle Project and a monumental sculptural installation with the title: ‘The Boat Circle’.
“The Amphi Circle project is executed and maintained by teams of The Arteri, a collective of young creatives in the Riebeek Valley, under the leadership of Kayla Grové. The task of these teams is to complete eighteen stone circles in the next two weeks with stones collected from the Kasteelberg and Riebeek Valley environment.”

Jon Wreal busy with one of his designs for a stone circle
The first of eighteen completed stone circles is called ‘Keep your eyes peeled’.

Willemse adds that “the central point of ‘The boat circle’ will be a found boat, 6 meters long, filled with stones that are collected from the Riebeek Valley, complemented by a labyrinth path leading to the boat.
“Viewers will be able to participate with the artwork by walking the path and placing a stone in the boat.
“The ritual of placing a stone in the boat could be a symbolic memorial act for each viewer, a unique remembrance performed individually, yet visually part of a collective mass of stones.”

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