(Under) Tilted Stones opens in Riebeek

An exhibition about the things we are often oblivious to… looking at it with fresh eyes.
That which reflects under Tilted Stones.

This weekend Tilted Stones bring artist Janet Dixon and Peter Engelbrecht from Oudtshoorn, together with a performance by local artist The Mirrorsister and a video featuring Charles East to De Oude Kerk Museum in Riebeek Kasteel.
This unique collaboration will open on November 4th.
“… bone, stone, insect, the base of a bush shrub… It encompasses both physical organisms from the Veld of The Little Karoo and abstract concepts like harmony, curiosity and obsession in what is found when taking a second look.
“Reflecting on the first reflection.

“The collaboration between ArtKaroo and The House of the Second Shadow intertwines that which lies beneath; in visual, sculpture, performance and video art.
“The programme is bound together by a mutual homing in on the natural environment. Erasing and also reflecting the boundaries of the artists’ styles, they are removed in contrast and oppose each other yet speak the same language. Where even the remnants of passing are ground and mutated by elemental forces into something else.

“The exhibition is in proud support of the For Life Centre.”
Contact Miss fon Veltdør (072 895 0700) or Janet Dixon at arthouse@artkaroo.co.za

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