Functional Veterinary Services crucial – Meyer at Deli-Co

Riebeek Kasteel – Western Cape Agriculture MEC Ivan Meyer has emphasised the importance of a functional professional veterinary services as “critical to the agricultural sector as our veterinarians play an essential role in protecting animals and the public against zoonotic diseases and diseases of economic importance”.
In a press release following his visit to the new Deli-Co Abattoir-facility and Farmstyle Family Butchery outside Riebeek Kasteel dr Meyer described it as a world-class agri processing plant.

“Agri processing contributes approximately 7% to the economy of the Western Cape. It is a strategic priority for the Western Cape to grow our secondary agricultural sector industries such as Deli-Co.”
Deli-Co CEO, Hendri Truter, says the family business has grown organically over the past thirty years. “Our small team of three employees has grown to over 560 permanently employed people in the Deli-Co Group. In addition, we have expanded our business to where we now have top managers for the farm, feed mill, operations, butchery and production.”

Speaking on the support and guidance provided by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture’s Veterinary services throughout the growth of their business, Truter said: “We are indebted to the WCDoA’s veterinarians. We process up to 2 500 lambs daily, and our producton line is up to the highest proven quality standards. The veterinarian’s critical role is to ensure the safety of the meat produced in our abattoir. Doing so diligently and professionally, has contributed to the growth of our business and jobs in Riebeek Kasteel and surrounding areas.”

Meyer added: “Our veterinarians also facilitate international trade by enabling the import and export of animals, products of animal origin and related products through certification.”
“Businesses such as Deli-Co inspire investor, business and consumer confidence. Together with the WCDoA Veterinary Services Deli-Co plays a critical enabling role aimed at driving economic growth and creating jobs in the agricultural sector.” – (press release)

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