Children contribute with Clean-up Darling


The long-delayed Clean-up Darling campaign will now take place on Saturday morning the 21st of November.
The campaign focuses on school children making a personal impact on their own streets.

Organiser Roy Adcock of Buy Local Darling says: “Darling was once voted a tidy town a few years ago but is now sadly in need of a refresher course in Civic pride.
“We believe school children can show the way.
“Council have donated rubbish bags and pick-up trucks.

“Businesses have donated safety gloves and masks. Others have donated a 1000 Branded T-shirts.
“Kids of all ages are getting together at the Outreach centre in Darling to walk to their designated town blocks and make a difference.”

The plan is to make this effort an annual event on Darling’s calendar and “build in the minds of the young a sense of pride and ‘can-do’ after the long deprivations of the Covid shutdowns,” he added.

The initiative is sponsored by the Darling Saamstaan Elders Council, the CPF, Darling Watch, Darling business and Swartland Municipality.
In the meantime Darling College already went out and made their contribution because they have an exam clash with the Clean-up Darling date.

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