Malmesbury on Easter Sunday through the lens


Easter Sunday.
For millions of people around the world it is Resurrection Day. A Celebration – meaning it religiously sets them free from slavery.
The world is locked in a pandemic.
It is the 3rd Sunday of South Africa in Covid 19 Lockdown.
As you drive through the streets of Malmesbury, you can easily experience an atmosphere of death and morbid. In most of the town only very few people on the street.
It is cold and chilly this morning and besides the latching reality it is also wet for many people after the night.

Although not meant to sketch a dark and sad picture, knowing there is hope for each of us … somewhere along the way, this is also reality.
As if containment is not enough, there are people whose place of residence is simply not waterproof.
People whose mattresses (all they have) and blankets (all they have) and clothes today had to hang outside hoping they could sleep dry tonight …
At one house there is a large purple bow on the gate and the palm branches (probably from Palm Sunday) are also there. Pigeons (of peace) fly by.
At another house there are three TV-dishes and wires lead to a humble home.

Elsewhere, people walk far with groceries that they could still buy.
One park’s play equipment was destroyed by fire and somewhere at number 3 there is a hole in the wire with a weathered canopy for mail.
Children, a lot less than last weekend, still play in some streets and in the cemetery a white cross stands out from all the others.
… if you then see a bright pink rose in bloom in another empty and humble front garden … there is color and there is hope.

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