Cleophas thanks all essential service ‘heroes’

The executive mayor of the West Coast District Municipality, Alderman Harold Cleophas, thanks all staff en workers in the essential services for their work.
“The recent outbreak of COVID 19 within our South African borders had a tremendous impact on our daily activities as society. The actions taken by our leadership to mitigate the spread of the virus can be commended. During the lockdown many were privy to work from home, but we also had officials and councillors in the front line of service delivery,” Cleophas said in a statement.

“While the majority of people were requested to stay at home there were men and women who ensured that the public continue to receive the essential services they require.
“At municipal level these services included disaster and risk management, environmental health services, fire and rescue services, financial services, roads maintenance and water provision services.”

Cleophas thanked all personnel who continued with their duties during the lockdown. “Apart from all municipal staff I also want to give thanks to cashiers and personnel in retail stores, health personnel at hospitals, those in transport and logistic services and all other essential services not listed who ensured that essential goods and services are available when required by the public.“You are the real heroes and we are very privileged to have people like you,” he added. The mayor also thanked councillors and government officials from all spheres who placed the interest of communities first during the lockdown and for their support and involvement in the COVID 19 response plan of West Coast District Municipality.

“My sincere appreciation for what you have done over the past month to curb the spread of the virus in our area and to see that our residents get the services they deserve. It is crucial to also consider your safety when executing your job.
“The only way for South Africa to overcome this pandemic is to stay positive, stay calm, stay at home and pray,” Cleophas said.

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